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KEEPING INVESTMENTS AS SIMPLE AS: Active, Balanced, & Cautious.

Exclusively designed by Doherty Pension & Investment Consultancy Limited in Northern Ireland.

The history of the Stock Exchange has been periodically punctuated with dark periods of time wherein clients have suffered the effects of economic and political downfalls. These periods are random and therefore very often extremely severe. The lessons of the past 5 years have taught investors that the ability to select investments and achieve growth from the thousands of funds in the market place is more of a science rather than the offshoot of educated guesswork. 

One of the major problems that have affected most investors is the concept of risk and the true understanding of volatility within portfolios. The belief that equity markets could fail so spectacularly was beyond most investor’s comprehension. The fallout from this is the requirement for structure and clarity within investments and a greater sense of understanding and accountability in the role of money managers.

Since joining Doherty Pension & Investment Consultancy Limited in 2001 I have been developing a range of portfolios that streamline the investment process and structure it in such a way that as a manager of monies I can react quickly to changes in the economic and geo-political environment and more importantly I can establish performance benchmarks to ensure we are delivering a level of quality that our client expect.

As a result of these factors Doherty Pension & Investment Consultancy Ltd have decided to take Investment Management back to its basics and rebuild. As the Investment Manager I have established a suite of portfolios categorising the risk profiles of our clients into the three Key areas of Active, Balanced and Cautious Managed. On top of this I have also developed a portfolio for clients who seek to draw an income from their investments.

Through the creation of this suite of portfolios, whether your client categorisation is “Small, Medium or High Net Worth, you will become an integral part of an overall entity within an agreed portfolio strategy as per risk profile classification. The net result of such a generic structure includes the creation of a simple and easy to understand investment strategy offering improved monitoring and increased accountability for portfolio performance. 


Structured Portfolio “Fund of Funds Range” designed to meet and maintain you risk profileOne stop investment platform, streamlining valuations and reducing paperwork Increased Portfolio Management and DevelopmentVisible Charging StructuresFlexible income optionsImproved client communication and efficiency.

I do hope you will take advantage of this new product range and look forward to helping you achieve both your investment objectives and the knowledge that your money is being well looked after. If you have any questions or should you wish to arrange an appointment, please do not hesitate to call us anytime, Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm on 02890 533350.

Gavin Curran
Investment Consultant